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This section of the Fort Lauderdale Eldercare Channel is dedicated to Fort Lauderdale Assisted Living Facilities.  When independent living is no longer an option, knowing where to turn is important.  It is always our goal to care for family members as long as possible, but when you have kids, a job, or a parent who is simply too far away, it can be too much to take on by yourself.  Assisted living offers a wonderful alternative that provides many of the benefits of independent living while also providing much needed help with daily tasks that might be otherwise unmanageable.

With assisted living communities and facilities, residents are typically allowed to drive and to go whenever and wherever they please.  There are options for both shared and individual housing, and seniors are allowed to prepare their own meals and enjoy their own lives while getting help with things such as housekeeping, medication management, and other important tasks.  Medical care is typically not included, although facilities do have staff members trained to handle medical concerns and to respond appropriately in case you need help.

Fort Lauderdale Assisted Living

If the time has come for a loved one to consider assisted living, let The Eldercare Channel of Fort Lauderdale help make the decision a little easier.  The Fort Lauderdale Eldercare Channel is brought to you by Sidney Chugani and the folks of Right at Home of Fort Lauderdale. Our site is designed as a resource for seniors and their caregivers and offers information, tips, and contacts for assisted living as well as many other health concerns.  When you need solid information and local resources, let us help you find it all in one easy location.

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