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This section of the Fort Lauderdale Eldercare Channel is dedicated to Fort Lauderdale Adult Day Care.  Social interaction is a big part of both physical and mental health.  Studies show that we need to be able to get out and engage with others in order to alleviate anxiety and depression, and interaction can even be good for the heart.  Adult day care is a unique service for seniors that offers the chance to interact with peers in an environment that is safe and that is designed specifically around the needs of senior citizens.

Whether you are looking to avoid social isolation and to help yourself or a loved one interact more or are seeking a care option that will leave you able to work, run errands, or simply take a break from being a caregiver, adult day care can be a viable choice.  These programs often provide a wide range of social activities, and many even offer day trips as well as meals and snacks.

The Fort Lauderdale Eldercare Channel is brought to you by Sidney Chugani and the folks of Right at Home of Fort Lauderdale. Our site is designed to offer information and tips regarding a number of senior services, and our directory of Fort Lauderdale adult day care providers can help you find the one that will be best for you.  Social activity is always important, and we can help connect seniors with programs designed specifically around their unique needs.

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